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Wellness Workshops


Group workshops that involves the fundamentals to healthy living.

Ways we can work together



Healthy living is a journey, as we become more connected with ourselves in time we feel the benefits of healthy living. My workshops make healthy food choices not only fun but delicious too. I host various wellness nutrition workshops:

Getting back to basics finding good health

What it means to add more whole foods

Nutrition for reducing inflammation

Happy hormones in all stages of life

How to create fuss free meal rituals

Bespoke topics personalised to the requirements of the group

Raw and Vegan cooking demonstrations

Get your helper onto the whole food concept to be both shopping savvy but health savvy when cooking for your family



We all know most cravings are closely tied to junk food, especially high in sugar and these often have little to do with true hunger. And each time you indulge these urges you reinforce the behavior, creating a “cravings cycle” that can hijack your progress… and your sanity.

This workshop we will discuss Cravings, what, why and when along with putting a system in place that can lead to outsmarting those food cravings.

We will focus on:

The causes associated to food cravings.

How we can outsmart those cravings.

How to create healthy alternatives to those junk foods.

Finding the root cause to your cravings.

Let us find the triggers to your cravings

And by changing the patterns 

Workshops that focus towards progress over perfection

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