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About me

Welcome to my page, I created my website as a one stop online destination for all your health and wellness needs.

I will provide you with 1-2-1 Coaching guidance, based as part of my unique Health and Wellness services, along with healthy, clean easy to follow recipes with any alternative options that suit your unique lifestyle needs.


I’m a certified holistic nutritionist, coach and absolute master of making healthy food taste delicious. My passion is teaching people how to use food as medicine as well as to naturally slim down, clear inflammation, and feel amazing.


So, lets work to get back to the basics, I will aim to support you during the process one step at a time. I will provide you with guidance and support during your program, you will receive my full commitment in helping you reach your goals, your coach is a person who is passionate about helping her clients achieve lasting sustainable life long changes, therefore we will reflect in all areas of your life, on and off the plate, working as a team in achieving your unique health goals.

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